The ‘Strange’ English Bread

When I came to the UK for the first time, I loved the fluffy toast breads and the “crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside” Farmhouse breads. But I was here just for a year, knowing I will have to go back to finish my studies and when you are abroad, realising the “new & different” is only for a limited time, you enjoy it more.

I was excited about everything, everything seemed to be better. But now I’ve been here 2 more years, not sure if I’ll ever get a chance to move back home to the Czech Republic…and I’ve started missing all the old good stuff I was used to all my life.

In Czech we have a saying “Everywhere’s good, home’s the best” and first now I really get what’s meant with that. Sometimes I miss home so much I tend to dismiss everything here in the UK…but when it comes to bread, is it me or is the bread really kind of…..politely said…..poor!

I’m a bread lover. I don’t care that white bread is not healthy, I can’t give up on it. Quality olive oil, pinch of salt, fresh basil…or garlic….a bread…one of the best foods in the world.

But….you go to Italy, amazing bread, France, amazing bread, Germany, amazing bread, Czech, amazing bread…wonderful little bakeries, bakery shops, with all kind of bread you can imagine. The unforgettable smell of sourdough, you know the unique yeasty smell…

Cheshire Food Blog

And then you are in the UK.

The supermarket-bought toast bread literally stinks to me… The fluffy buns is like eating cotton – dry and hard to swallow. Then you go to this little bakery in our village who has Hovis sign all over the house, hoping you get a nice fresh bread with crust and firm structure inside…but NO. It’s the same old foam that rips every time you try to spread proper butter on it!

But it just makes me wonder why is it like this? Would Britons eat a different bread? Do they really prefer this fluffy thing? Let me know what you think!

* I’ll be adding some bread recipes soon, you can look forward to no-knead bread or a proper sourdough with my own starter (that is sleeping in the fridge at the moment).


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