The Christmas Planning

Christmas is knocking on the door again! I can’t believe it’s another year coming to an end, time passes so so fast and it’s probably the only thing I find hard to accept… I just wish the life stopped for a moment…

Anyway, it’s just about time to start planning my “Christmas shopping”. No, not for Christmas gifts, but for Christmas baking! I haven’t bought one single present yet, but there’s still time for it…ehm…isn’t it… 🙂

In the Czech Republic we bake traditional Christmas biscuits, vanilla rolls, cream filled walnut-shaped biscuits, sandwich biscuits filled with jam,…3 weeks before Christmas my mums kitchen always smells of vanilla, nuts, cinammon, cloves… This year we are staying in the UK for Christmas, but I will stick to the tradition and bake all these biscuits as well. But next week, I’m starting with my very first Christmas cake!

When do you usually start planning for Christmas? Are you baking your own Christmas cake or do you buy one?


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