Traditional Christmas Menu

Happy New Year everyone! As you may have noticed, I took a little bit of a blogging break over Christmas. For the first time ever I spent Christmas in the UK and tried to make the traditional English Christmas for my partner who is British.

We had a turkey from a local farm Cliffs Turkeys in Sandbach. I was so worried the meat will be dry, especially on the breasts – I only ever buy thighs to roast, as the meat is so much better! But I found an amazing recipe on the BBC Good Food website with mustard butter, thyme and streaky bacon under the skin to keep the breasts moist. I can only recommend this recipe and it definitely wasn’t the last time I made this! You can find the recipe here.

Cheshire Food Blog

Of course, trimmings, stuffing and home-made gravy weren’t missing! Usually I don’t follow recipes, but on Christmas Day I just wanted to get everything right, so I made an exception and followed recipes…here are the recipes for stuffing and gravy:

Chestnut, bacon & cranberry stuffing

Make-ahead gravy

Cheshire Food Blog

I’m definitely saving these recipes for next year!

Cheshire Food Blog


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