NeverTooMuchFood shorlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards for 2016

What an exciting month April was! And May could be even more exciting! Let’s see…

The first and best thing that happened – Never Too Much Food has been shortlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards for 2016 (#BiBs2016)!!! Together with 9 food bloggers, Never Too Much Food has been nominated and is close to be the finalist. I’m so happy and delighted and would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL who nominated me! It feels amazing to know that the work and passion I put into cooking, baking and documenting it, someone else enjoys as well. The competition is huge, out of us bloggers in the Food category, I follow many and they are huge in the blogging world, never thought I would come even close!

If you like my blog and recipes, please support me and give me your vote at  You can only vote ONCE and you DON’T need to vote in all categories. Thank you all for your votes, really appreciate it ❤

The second big thing… You may have noticed I went a bit quiet in the second half of April and didn’t publish much on Instagram, Twitter or here on the blog. Well, I didn’t have much to write about, because I suddenly didn’t have time to cook and I hate to admit it, but in the last two weeks, we had two take-aways, I bought the fresh, but ready made mash twice and even…a ready made set meal!!! I’m so ashamed and didn’t even read the label not to stress myself too much 🙂 Anyway, the reason is, that I have started a new job. It’s very challenging, I spend much more time in the office, and have less time to cook…BUT that doesn’t mean I would give up on what I love the most – cooking, baking, food and food blogging!!! I just needed a couple of weeks to get used to the new situation and find a way to organise things differently to find time for my passions…and now, let’s start cooking and enjoying food again!



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