To be honest…this is just another food blog written by a girl who loves cooking, baking, eating, tasting, experimenting and discovering…food, of course!

I’m Nicol. I live in a small village in Cheshire, UK, but originally I’m from the Czech Republic, which I’m proud of. I’m a social media manager by day, by night I cook, bake, read and dream food. So I thought, why not add writing about food?

In my blog, you will find tried & tested recipes, from classic dishes to absolute “unthinkables”, from book recipes to my own inventions, from traditional Czech cuisine to a fusion of everything.

And because time to time any cooking enthusiast needs a break from cooking to get some fresh inspiration and not to have to do a thing, to get a plate of tasty food, I will be adding restaurant reviews.

You know the feeling when you buy something that is sooo delicious that you just want to scream out loud and share your excitement, so everyone can enjoy the taste? No?! Well, I do! That’s why you can find some product reviews here as well.

What you won’t find in my blog are rubbish foods loaded with cheap fats, colourings, additives and other chemicals. As much as I can, I cook from scratch, trying to avoid MSG, palm oil, aspartame, shortenings, artificial colourings…basically, you won’t ever see a rainbow cake covered with fondant here. (Poor kids who have to eat these!)

What’s left to say…?


And trust me…there’s simply never too much food!


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