Back to childhood with Stokes Ketchup

Cheshire Food Blog

That moment when you taste something and it sends you back to your childhood, when everything seemed to taste (or maybe really tasted) better than it does now…

I’ve had this amazing moment last weekend, when I tried Stokes Ketchup for the very first time.


Just one little taste catapulted me back to the times, when things tasted as they should taste! When ketchup (or tomato sauce, if you like), tasted like tomatoes.

When I was a kid, we used to buy some kind of a German ketchup. Often I remembered the taste and was so desperate, when despite trying different brands, I only got some sweet red sauce that called itself tomato sauce, but probably has seen its first tomato in my fridge through its glass packaging…

In Stokes Ketchup, you can really taste the tomatoes. The genuine taste I know from my childhood! I’m converted! Heinz has no more a place in my kitchen.

Thank you Stokes for bringing me back to my childhood. It feels so good to find a quality, honest product like yours nowadays.

And now…….I’m going to stock up! Tempted to try their Mayo…oh, they have a Cranberry Sauce as well!

Cheshire Food Blog

* Independent review, I haven’t received any samples or wasn’t endorsed in any way.